About My Skills Displayed

My Skills Displayed was created to support students who are not being recruited by colleges. To ease the stress, frustration, and disappointment of not being considered, the My Skills Displayed solution is an affordable self-promotion program. Using the My Skills Displayed online platform, selected schools, and universities will receive a personalized letter and access to the student's specific web profile that will include information, newspaper clippings, photos, videos, and reference letters.

My Skills Displayed has an extensive collection of colleges and universities to make the self-promoting program efficient and far-reaching.

The My Skills Displayed online platform is an individualized means by which students will have optimum exposure to multiple college and universities by utilizing standard mail as well as email services, ability to maintain and update information themselves, access to the latest information for colleges and universities, documentation and tracking of information, and ability to upload photos and self-promoting videos to showcase their skills and talents.

  • My Skills Displayed Corporation will give back to all schools, organizations, or individuals referring students.  We sometimes refer to them as Referral Partners through out our site.
  • 10% of My Skills Displayed services package will be donated to the student's specified registered referral selection which for schools or organizations can be used for defraying the cost of printing programs or other related needs.
  • My Skills Displayed allows for parents and guardians to help keep the information updated to further promote the skills and talents for those wishing to be seen by the colleges and universities.